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Markdown Language Sample Blog Post Styling

By Jane Smith
Published in Advertising
May 15, 2021
2 min read
Markdown Language Sample Blog Post Styling

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain-text-formatting syntax. Its design allows it to be converted to many output formats, but the original tool by the same name only supports HTML. Markdown is often used to format readme files, for writing messages in online discussion forums, and to create rich text using a plain text editor.


Emphasis, aka italics, with asterisks or underscores.

Strong emphasis, aka bold, with asterisks or underscores.

Combined emphasis with asterisks and underscores.

Strikethrough uses two tildes. Scratch this.

Code and Syntax Highlighting

Inline code has back-ticks around it.

Blocks of code are either fenced by lines with three back-ticks ```, or are indented with four spaces. I recommend only using the fenced code blocks — they’re easier and only they support syntax highlighting.

var args = [] // Empty array, at first.
for (var i = 0; i < arguments.length; i++) {
} // Now 'args' is an array that holds your arguments.
// sh code sample
yarn add gatsby
gatsby develop


Blockquotes are very handy in email to emulate reply text. This line is part of the same quote.

Quote break.

This is a very long line that will still be quoted properly when it wraps. Oh boy let’s keep writing to make sure this is long enough to actually wrap for everyone. Oh, you can put Markdown into a blockquote.


Order IDNamePriceColor
200398iPhone X 64Gb Grey$999.00White
205457Samsung S8 Black$756.00Black
357895Game Console Controller$22.00Red
345677USB 3.0 Cable$199.00Gold
577633Smartwatch 4.0 LTE Wifi$395.00Blue

There must be at least 3 dashes separating each header cell. The outer pipes (|) are optional, and you don’t need to make the raw Markdown line up prettily. You can also use inline Markdown.


  1. First ordered list item

  2. Another item

    • Unordered sub-list.
  3. Actual numbers don’t matter, just that it’s a number

    1. Ordered sub-list
    2. And another item.

    You can have properly indented paragraphs within list items. Notice the blank line above, and the leading spaces (at least one, but we’ll use three here to also align the raw Markdown).

    To have a line break without a paragraph, you will need to use two trailing spaces. Note that this line is separate, but within the same paragraph. (This is contrary to the typical GFM line break behaviour, where trailing spaces are not required.)

  • Unordered list can use asterisks
  • Or minuses
  • Or pluses


Here’s our logo (hover to see the title text):


Photo by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen
Photo by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen on Unsplash


Photo by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen
Photo by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen on Unsplash

Embed Videos

With the use of gatsby-remark-embed-video plugin you can easily embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch and more sources.

Task List

  • this is a complete item
  • this is an incomplete item
  • @mentions, #refs, links, formatting, and tags supported
  • list syntax required (any unordered or ordered list supported)







Alternatively, for H1 and H2, an underline-ish style:



I’m an inline-style link

I’m an inline-style link with title

I’m a reference-style link

I’m a relative reference to an internal page

You can use numbers for reference-style link definitions

Or leave it empty and use the link text itself.

URLs and URLs in angle brackets will automatically get turned into links. http://www.example.com and sometimes example.com (but not on Github, for example).

Some text to show that the reference links can follow later.




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